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More Than Words Gets A Well-Deserved Award!

What is More Than Words?

More Than Words is this amazing Boston-based non-profit that works with at-risk youth to give them employment, training, and support in their personal and developing professional life. They do this through fully running a bookstore, with both online and physical locations. What takes this program above and beyond other similar programs is their support for the struggles teenagers may be facing that they shouldn’t have to face alone: homelessness, physical abuse, substance abuse, being involved in a court case, living through a foster care system, and more. I feel it’s this attention to the most difficult things anyone – let alone a teenager – can face that takes it to the next level.

What did they win?

I’m a little late to this announcement, but I was extremely pleased to see that MTW won eBay’s Small Business of the Year award this year! They received funds to support their mission, a donation to another small charity on their behalf, and a VIP trip to the award ceremony. It made me so happy to think of what an amazing experience that must have been for the young adults working so hard to do good for themselves and the world.

Don’t forget about their bookstore!

Seriously, this place is amazing!! The books are in great condition, they have a huge variety, and they’re super affordable: when I went last, most books were about $6.95 – $7.95 each! If you live in the Greater Boston area, I highly recommend taking a trip to one of their locations in either Waltham or South Boston. If you don’t live near there, no fear! You can still find a ton of excellent books on their eBay store.

Look, I don’t work there. I super wish I did, actually. But it’s an incredible program doing a lot of good, so I want to cheer about it! And it’s a great blend of “doing good for others” and “buying books for myself” too which I’m always a fan of! 😉


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