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Human Libraries: What’s Your Story?

The Human Library Lets You “Check Out” People To Hear Their Stories

As always, the most amazing ideas come from Denmark. Instead of checking out books, you sit down with a person for a half-hour conversation. People can register as available and give themselves a title. The idea is to allow people to meet people they might not have otherwise, and to have a place they can safely ask questions they might have or shared experiences they’re dealing with. Examples of human book titles? “Olympic Athlete,” “Fat Woman,” and “A Questioning Christian.”

Would you be willing to “check out” a person for their story, or would the idea of talking to a stranger feel too strange or invasive? What would your title be if you signed up? Mine would probably be, “A Traveler,” but I think I need a few more places under my belt before I’d feel like I could really live up to the name.


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

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