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The Joys of an Endless TBR

Another thought on To Be Read lists after thinking on how people post about them monthly. Similar to the posts about what will be read that month, there are a lot of posts and events and challenges around cutting down a TBR list. Not by reading some of the books, it seems, but by just removing a bunch.

That seems so counter-intuitive to me! A TBR *should* be lengthy, to the point of seeming endless. With any luck, my own list of books to be read WILL be endless – because there are always new ones to read and old ones to discover!

On top of that, I love having a variety of books on hand for any moment when I can’t quite decide what I’m in the mood for with my next read. I can go to this list and trust that it’s been curated with books I’ll be interested in, since I’m the one who chose them all! Why would you ever get rid of that?

What do you think: a short and manageable list to be read or an endless one that you will certainly never finish? If you’ve ever done one of the shorten-your-TBR challenges, how did you approach it?


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