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How do you TBR

At the start of each month, I see so many people posting their list of what they’ll read in that month. And I honestly have no idea how people do that. I typically have no plan for what I’ll be reading unless I know I have reviews to submit. Am I the only one who reads whatever my mood happens to be at the moment? xD

I also usually have several books I’m reading concurrently, so I’ll go to whichever suits my mood at that moment of the day. Right now, when my North Korean one starts weighing on me, I’ll switch over to Manga Macbeth (probably the only time Macbeth will be the more lighthearted read than something!).

For y’all who have things super planned out like this, how often do you deviate from your list? Also, why do you make the list of what you’ll read ahead of time? Would love to get people’s reasoning for these!



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