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Cover Roulette: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

At some point recently, I was looking for an alternate edition on Goodreads to match the one I had actually read. Simple enough. But then I noticed that some of the other editions of the book had some seriously dope covers! Got me to thinking…

What other books have covers I’ve never seen?

If you have no idea what the illustrated editions of Harry Potter are, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. Huge, beautiful illustrations. Hardbound book. Built-in bookmark ribbon. Definitely check them out, because it 100% brings the stories to life in a really wonderful way. You can see some of the artwork by Jim Kay on his website, and trust me, they look even better on the big printed pages.

So in honor of my excitement over Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition by Jim Kay coming out on October 8th (less than a month!!!) here are some of my favorite covers for it, from around the world and through the years.

The Cover I Know

Published 2000. So this is the cover I’m familiar with. You’ve got the signature font for his name, Harry front and center with his fellow champions of the Goblet behind him, a spiny dragon tail in front of him, egg and wand in hand, and in the back there, a shadowy hooded figure…

The Original UK Edition

Published 2000. Pretty straightforward: Harry trying to steal an egg and the dragon not having any of it. I would DEFINITELY pick up this book if I were judging it by it’s cover. The font is missing it’s signature style as I’ve come to know it though!!

2014: UK Spices it Up

This is pretty similar to their first release, but now we’ve got a version of the familiar font and a JACKED UP version of that dragon. The colors bring it some serious intensity this time!

2004: UK Embraces Minimalism

So this one is radically different. This is part of a re-published cover series that focuses on the named item in the title, and keeps it very minimal and dramatic. That lends its own mood, but I think for HP I prefer the crazier busier covers. Reflect the inside!

2008: Finnish Fairies

So Finland clearly went for a different artistic style. We still have our champions and dragons like I knew, but WOW are the characters different! Seems to have elves and trolls in the mix, which is a fascinating idea. No idea why Myrtle is there holding a sign that says TAMMI. PS: Harry’s nose? Is that to contrast he’s the good guy having a big nose v. Volde- er, He Who Shall Not Be Named having no nose?

2002: Japan Sells a Different Book

I mean honestly, I would not even recognize this as HP besides the line at the top in English reading it. Are they Goblins? In front of a leaning tower of books on a moonlit path? I think I see dragons? Did I forget a key part of the story?

2000: Dutch Fear Drowning over Dragons

They focused on a different trial, unexpectedly. They’ve got the same font, though! Also, why is JK Rowling now a wolf? Does “Rowling” happen to mean wolf in Dutch? (Nope: just checked.) I like the little frog in the corner, too. ^.^

2018 Germany: Leprechauns?

Germany gives us a few more fairy tale creatures, much like Finland, as they make Ron into a Leprechaun. For some reason they seem to have featured the scene when they’re at the Quidditch Cup match in the beginning?? I love Mad-Eye’s little picture though!

2002 Iran: Chaos

I see Harry, some dragons… and I can’t figure out the rest. Definitely some chaos going on here, and all framed with some Persian-looking (I guess?) columns above. The dragons kind of look like T-Rex’s to me, though, which I would also read.

2004 Russia: Pinpoint the Fear

What’s the scariest part of the story? The dragons. What’s the scariest part of the dragon? The teeth, followed by the eyes. Paint the eyes orange to emphasize the bloodlust. And that’s how you make a cover!

2019 Illustrated Edition

This is what I’m currently waiting for in the mail. Yes, we have the dragon and Harry still, but look at the level of detail here! Banners with house crests, and castle spires in the distance, and the crowd looking on!

My exploration did not disappoint!

It was really cool to see how different countries would show the cover to draw their readers in, and even to see how covers from the same country or publisher would change over time. Bloomsbury put out SO MANY covers, I could do a series just on theirs! (Like this one I didn’t include above but is so cool and different!)

Judging a book by it’s cover is definitely something I do, but it’s a good reminder that even the best books can have covers that I might pass by pretty quickly. I cannot get over that Finnish version!!! Which is your favorite or least favorite? Are you familiar with a different cover than these ones?


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    1. Thank you! I highly recommend the illustrated versions, because even if you know the stories word for word, the art brings it all to life in a truly delightful way. I just finished the 4th one, that just came out this month, so I’ll put up a review with some examples of the art soon!

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