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Just Published: Mythos by Stephen Fry!

Reminder that the illustrated edition of Mythos by Stephen Fry released today! Check out the review here & check it out on Amazon if you’re interested!

This book is a challenge to define by genre. What do I call it? Fiction? Non-fiction? Religion? History?? Regardless, you’re led through the creation of everything straight up to actual recorded history, where myth blends with fact, by our lovely guide Stephen Fry. His humor and passion for the topic work perfectly together to make these legends feel so relatable and engaging, while also teaching a hell of a lot. The Titans who are the basis of life, the New Gods led by rebellious and lecherous Zeus, and the endless demi-god offspring they produce all get their own stories here. This new edition features photographs and images from sculptures, paintings, and other art based around the stories told within. It’s a lovely touch to see such lavish recreations from the time these stories are based on.


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

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