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I inexplicably hate this cover

I can’t explain it – I just really dislike this cover!

Are there any covers that you really dislike? Maybe ones that are popular, or ones that are long forgotten? There’s a lot of talk about covers people love, but what about the other end – the examples of what-not-to-do?


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2 thoughts on “I inexplicably hate this cover

  1. I do not hate this cover but it’s not enticing me to read it either. I hate the cover to the second book in the Eden series by Nicole williams, Fallen eden. It’s distrubing and horrible. I do love the book though.


    1. Oh, I see what you mean. Oddly enough, I think it might be the font that turns me off the most. I realized another book who’s cover I dislike has a very similar font. A good reminder to try not to judge a book by it’s cover, I guess!

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