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Just Published: 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons!

Reminder that 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons released today! Check out the review here & check it out on Amazon if you’re interested!

Gorgeous cover!!!

Tessa can’t see how she’ll ever get back to her old life. Primarily because she can’t see after the accident. The doctors say it should come back after a few months, but doctors have been wrong before. That means months of no writing, no contact with the limited friends she had who were all online, and no happiness or light. Weston signs up to become her eyes, and try to show her the light in her darkness. Taking her on a trip through her other senses, Weston writes what she tells him to and revels in her lack of knowledge of his own disability. As for what she’ll think of him if she gets her sight back, well… he’ll just wait and see what to do if the time comes.


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

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