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Lost and Found by Orson Scott Card

Lost and Found by Orson Scott Card – 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Release Date: September 10, 2019

I want everyone to read this book so we can talk about it. It’s one of those books.

Recommended: yessssss β™₯
For people who also adore Orson Scott Card’s work, for those who want immediately deep and lovable characters, for an intriguing exploration of unique tiny magic that will have you thinking about what your micropower might be. For lovely warm fuzzies enhanced by the incredible darkness woven together

I usually despise when the author’s name is larger than the book title. But I almost feel like with him, it’s justified.

Summary, from Goodreads:
“Are you really a thief?”
That’s the question that has haunted fourteen-year-old Ezekiel Blast all his life. But he’s not a thief, he just has a talent for finding things. Not a superpower–a micropower. Because what good is finding lost bicycles and hair scrunchies, especially when you return them to their owners and everyone thinks you must have stolen them in the first place? If only there were some way to use Ezekiel’s micropower for good, to turn a curse into a blessing. His friend Beth thinks there must be, and so does a police detective investigating the disappearance of a little girl. When tragedy strikes, it’s up to Ezekiel to use his talent to find what matters most.

Oh, lord. I saw Orson Scott Card on a new book on NetGalley, and when I got that approval message, I jumped up, clapped in delight, and shouted “YES!!!!” (luckily my boyfriend is pretty used to my book-thrills by now). I really tried to keep my expectations down, because overhyping something in your mind can ruin it, but I love Orson Scott Card’s work so much that I just couldn’t tamp down my hopes. And you know what? LUCKILY IT DIDN’T MATTER, BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD.

Reasons this was so good
– characters you immediately love from the first conversations
– every conversation MATTERS. No space fillers
– you will be drawn into the debates and think deeply on your own questions of fairness, evil, death, love, friendship, bravery, and so much more
– a delicate and realistic balance of light and dark that perfectly reflects reality
– an ending that lingers, and makes you think about yourself and all others a bit differently, a bit more thoughtfully and kindly
– A touch of magic, but written in such a way that you have to wonder if it’s really magic, or if we just overlook the wonders of the world without recognizing how incredible people can be

Read this. Then get back to me with what your micropower might be. I’m still thinking on mine.

Thanks to Blackstone & NetGalley for a free copy to review.


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