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Quotes from Ailsa & friends

Some of my favorite lines so far from The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae by Stephanie Butland. My god, there are a lot of them! I’m loving this! You hear a bit of that Edinburgh accent from her mother, too.

The next morning, Ailsa sits up, and eats a banana, and Hayley beams. She throws it up again. ‘Ah well,’ her mother says, ‘you cannae win them all.’ P15

Her heart – the heart – knows something has happened, but it doesn’t know what, and that sense of confusion is moving through her body with every pulse and beat. P14

‘We haven’t learned a lot but we’ve learned about contraception. Well, Tamsin has. I think I’ve healed over, it’s been that long.’ P47

And then there it is, like a constellation suddenly making itself apparent in the sky: stitches zig-zagging around the green of his iris. She forgets, just for a second, about pain and panic and transplant. Here is a visible miracle. P80


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