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Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Recommended: Yes!!
For people who are ok with honest depictions and discussions of all kinds of sex, as well as racial barriers + barriers women face. For those who are ok laughing while reading a book ^.^

I had been laughing while reading SO MUCH, that my boyfriend asked if it was a comedy book

IDK what a comedy book is, but I can probably say yes!!
I can’t stop tracing the paths of the braids through the title

Queenie is on a break with her is-he-still-her-boyfriend, and she’s trying not to self-destruct. At least, no more than she does in a usual day. But… is it cheating if she hooks up with the guy down the street? And why can’t she stop calling up the guy who just uses her body for sex? Her love life is noticeably lacking the “love” part of that, and on top of that she’s hanging by a thread at work. Queenie has to rely on her best friends to help see her through this, and hope that they won’t get too sick of her in the process. She just has to hold on until after this “break.” Her sort-of-boyfriend and his family might have been a smidge racist, and maybe he touched her weave too often, but it’s not like that makes her crazy for still wanting to marry him and have babies…right?

OHMYGODDDDD. Okay, I’m not usually one to fall into hyped books, but man this is hyped for a reason. Candice Carty-Williams promotes writing about underrepresented perspectives, and she leads by example! I hardly ever get to read from the POV of a black character, particularly a black woman, and it was enlightening as a suburban white girl who’s never lived in very diverse areas. I learned what a weave is! But Queenie is also just such an enjoyable woman, even when she’s at her worst points, you don’t dislike her. You just feel her pain, because who HASN’T been there before? It’s also hilarious, and I laughed out loud while reading enough to prompt my boyfriend to ask if it was a comedy book. Do yourself a favor and just read it. I’ll be waiting. 🙂

“Not acknowledging that I might have interests beyond your dick is a real red flag.”


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