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Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle

Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

A free copy was provided by NetGalley in trade for my honest feedback ☺ So excited about that site!! This was my first foray into what NetGalley has to offer, and I made sure to pick a good one for it. ^.^

And what a gorgeous cover!

Recommended: sure!
For those who enjoy the fight-for-your-crown plot line, and unexpectedly realistic characters in this otherwise unrelatable setting for modern-day people (unless you’re modern-day royalty, I suppose!). Be okay with unexpected twists…

When the fighting of her country’s endless war spills into Princess Charlotte’s her own courtyard, she’s delighted to call off her arranged marriage with Prince Young. After fleeing with her stoic betrothed, they finally escape one battle and immediately find themselves in another. A sleazy new suitor is suddenly scheming for her hand — and her kingdom — and suddenly Young doesn’t look so bad as an ally, if not a husband. Trying to save the kingdom Besmium from being overrun with enemies begins with figuring out who among their own they can really trust.

A very bold ending that I deeply applaud. I’m hoping Kingdom Soul delivers just as much in the sequel!

Overall, I quite enjoyed the story! The characters had distinct and developed personalities that consistently carry through in their actions, and have the miraculous ability to actually talk to each other (instead of that thing where the conflict would be resolved by a short chat). We got a few chapters from the perspectives of the not-quite-main characters, which actually worked really well to add depth all around and tangle you up by making you feel a bit sympathetic even for the villains.

The places I stumbled were the grammatical errors, particularly issues with missing commas. Those really stand out to me, and it took me out of the story at best, and at worst made me actually not understand what was happening. There were also a few times when actions were inconsistent (such as Charlotte saying she sat up to talk to her mother, then when her father entered the room “it was almost enough to make her sit up”. I’m like, girl you’re already sitting up??).

These are small issues that can easily be solved with a second pair of eyes taking a look at the text though, and the driving force of characters and story was solid!


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