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The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright – 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Recommended: YES!!!
For those who like a quick, warm-fuzzies sort of read. It’s charm comes largely from the style it’s written in (featuring the letters from the title), and the relationships between the siblings.

Even the cover has adorable origins that you discover while reading!! They just completely nailed this, every aspect.

The adult children of this family suddenly lose their parents and all come together in their hometown to handle it, when they find a basement full of THOUSANDS of letters that their father wrote to their mother, weekly, without fail, for their entire marriage. Including the last one, which he wrote immediately after his wife died in his arms and before he takes his own life / dies of heartbreak. Reading through the letters reveals some intensities of their parent’s marriages they had never known, and deeply rattles all the kids as their images of their parents – and themselves – changes forever.

This was a glorious used-bookstore-find, and a rare book that I will probably read multiple times. It gives me the warm fuzzies, but avoids the cliches and cringing that often also accompany the warm fuzzies.

The big surprises in the story actually did surprise me, which as we know, is pretty rare for me. Any story that actually surprises me is already well on its way to five stars (unless it’s a surprise because it’s impossibly stupid). This one got the coveted five with it’s unique presentation, complex relationships between the siblings while still giving personality to even less central characters, and the surprises it gave. It also inspired me to start writing to my own S.O. and that’s been nice too, so extra bonus for real-life positive influence!

Also, the “Epilogue” and its presentation KILLS ME with how adorable it is!!!! All I’ll say: read to THE VERY END OF THE BOOK.


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